CFP "Transnational Petrarchisms, Cross-texts, and Borders"

scadenza: 1° giugno 2022

CFP "Transnational Petrarchisms, Cross-texts, and Borders"

Call for papers

Petrarchan Studies Panel

Transnational Petrarchisms, Cross-Texts, and Borders

International Conference Crossing Borders via Translation(s)

Roma, 1-2 settembre 2022

Termine per l'invio delle proposte: 1 giugno 2022

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As a complex, pan-European literary movement, the Petrarchan tradition constitutes a privileged perspective for understanding the origins of modern European identities and cultures. Studies of European Petrarchism have not yet fully investigated the significant role played by translations—as a specific literary genre—in this transnational movement. Furthermore, a comparative approach specifically based on the translation history of Petrarchan poetry has never been conducted. This panel aims to apply the theoretical framework to a case study, and will thus address translations of Petrarch’s works from a comparative and transnational standpoint building on at least one of the following research topics:

  • the impact of a translated text on the shaping of other translations/re-writings of Petrarch or Petrarchan traditions;
  • the comparison between translators/translations of Petrarch that share similar imaginaries of translation (translation practices, conceptions of translation, interpretations of the source text, etc.);
  • the history of the reception of a Petrarchan translated text into one or more linguistic areas (thus involving at least two languages besides Italian).

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