CFP "Precarity and the Moving Image" per IJFMA

Scadenza: 2 ottobre 2022

CFP "Precarity and the Moving Image" per IJFMA

IJFMA (International Journal Film and Media Arts) accetta proposte per il numero monografico (vol. 8, n° 2, 2023):

Precarity and the Moving Image

  • Termine per la presentazione delle proposte: 2 ottobre 2022
  • Data prevista di pubblicazione: 21 giugno 2023

Per tutti i dettagli, leggi la call

This special issue of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts invites film makers, artists and researchers to submit papers that deal with but are not limited to the topics of:

  • Precarity in Production, Circulation, and Participation in Media Culture
  • Political and Productive Strategies Responding/Resisting Dynamics of Precarisation
  • Precarious Subjectivities and Spaces On Screen at the Intersection of Class, Gender, Race, Ability/Disability
  • Precarity and the Neoliberal Governance; Dynamics of Necropolitics and Border as a Method
  • Genealogies of Precarity Beyond the Limits of Contemporaneity
  • Precarious Narratives and Counter-Subjectivation
  • Precarity and the Affective Labour in Relation to Transfeminist Thought
  • Ecological Precarity and the Precarious State of the Human
  • Ways to Address Precarity in Terms of Public Policies
  • Analyses of Legislation Concerning Precarity in Film and Audiovisual Sectors
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